Senast rykte säger att El Bulli stänger 2012 och en reopening är planerad 2014…………..obekräftade rykten från en källa nära Adria( 25.01.2010). Här kommer nu fakta sent på kvällen 26.01.2010 – som vanlig är Creative-Cuisine är först i svensk media…….

The news that Adria is to close his famed restaurant El Bulli north of Barcelona for both the 2012 and 2013 seasons could be taken as the logical conclusion of its highly studied exclusivity. At present it is only open for around six months out of every 12, and only for one sitting at dinner. Two million people have applied for the 8,000 spaces available for each season over the past few years. Being realistic, therefore, the likelihood of you actually being able to eat there has been close to zero for a long while. By closing the restaurant Adrià will achieve a kind of perfection. It will now be so exclusive that absolutely nobody will get to eat there.

So why close down? Adrià himself has said simply that he needs a break. He has, of course, talked of closing the restaurant in the past, but given he has named dates this time combined with the fact that he’s announced it at Madrid Fusion, leads me to believe that it’s for real. There’s no doubt that he can be a little precious and is more than happy to embrace the creative genius label that has been thrust upon him in recent years. For a long time the restaurant has only opened half the year because Adrià believes he needs the other six months in which to completely revolutionise the menu. Closing fully for a couple of years is a logical extension of that. And he does work a truly punishing schedule. Out of season he is developing dishes and travelling the world giving seminars. During the season he is almost always in his kitchen, fully aware that the people who have striven to eat at his tables deserve that.

I suspect he is also rather tired of all the hoopla. He told me that the avalanche of requests for so few seats distresses him and I have no reason to think it’s a fake job. He says he is a cook because he likes to give people pleasure; instead, most of the time all he serves up is disappointment. If he’s closed he doesn’t have to worry about that in the same way.

It may also be that he feels the food he is serving has reached some endgame, that there’s not much further to go with meals made of teeny-weenie plates of precisely calibrated sensuousness. He himself has said that he needs to think carefully about what the restaurant will be in 2014 and if he’s not letting on, I’m certainly not going to try second guessing him. Trying to work out what goes on in the head of a man who will serve beads of gel that look like caviar but taste of porcini is a mugs’ game. Who in their right mind would psychoanalyse the mad hatter